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The current financial system was not built for the funding needs of small business owners. Large banks leer over small business and menacingly control the process and the outcome of loan applications like the Goblins of Gringotts. Other avenues to credit can involve higher risks, and most online platforms lack trust, transparency, and a human touch. Trust is fleeting and amoral big banks profit from the failure of small businesses removing the power to pursue their own best interests in accessing capital. Small businesses deserve better. Borrowers are empowered and having access to capital becomes a smart tool for building long-term stability necessary to break the chains of submissive financial planning. As the leader of next-generation working capital and credit solutions, P.J.Howell Financial invigorates the small business owner with full access to a flexible and powerful suite of options designed specifically with them in mind. You know your company best. Teach us about your ultimate business goals and we will provide the momentum best suited for your business to achieve that goal. Providing clarity from estimating credit to designing a repayment schedule, our customers configure their own terms before they apply. This foundational, transparent approach is applied to all of P.J.Howell’s offerings. Recognized by P.J.Howell for providing an outstanding customer service experience, P.J.Howell Financial is committed to clear as day, easy-to-use solutions with a personal touch. P.J.Howell covers the spectrum of small business capital and credit needs, ranging from distinct loan offerings to credit cards and lines of credit. Offering the best of online conveniences with accessibility makes it easier for us to hear your business’ message and faster for us to fight for your side. With P.J.Howell you always have us working on your side, because if it does not benefit your business we do not benefit. It’s empowered financing for today’s small businesses. Every decision in a small business rests in the hands of a capable entrepreneur. Our transparency and personal touch enable a trusted connection other providers cannot match. P.J.Howell respects your experience and judgment when it comes to your business, providing guidance if needed, to achieve the objectives that matter most: lending the tools small business needs to succeed. P.J.Howell is a fictional company. This is only a writing sample written by Diaz Manfrini.

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