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While also overseeing two grade school children do their virtual classes, manage my own business and prepare short order menus for little bellies – there are so many more reasons why wordpress might not work for me. WordPress is not user friendly for those how need to spend an hour tops updating there blog or inserting a new picture of a new cake or shirt they made to showcase to the world. Honestly I feel like I wasted my time learning new tech just to be frustrated that I cannot get back into my stream of work when I am interrupted by my children’s need me to relog them into another class or to clean up some spilled milk that is dangerously close to my computer. I don’t think wordpress is a bad system, I just find that it is terrible at getting to the point and I have to download all these builders and widgets and whatnot that cost money every step of the way and still do not get the process done any faster or cleaner. Not everyone has the entire day to design a beautiful, clean and well managed website, and this is why people tend to leave their base and go to a platform that is more user friendly and all packaged up. Just because I studied this stuff doesn’t mean its fair to complicated it for the average user, otherwise just understand it isn’t for the average user and cannot simply be handed over to the business owner as is, there will be a plethora of instructions on how to maintain it and god forbid when the system is out of date what to do to manage it into a new era. End Rant. Thank you.

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